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As you probably know already, I have been doing this course since its founder, my teacher Abel Carlevaro, passed away. You can read about the course here. It is organized by the 1. Vogtländische Gitarre-Förderverein, and takes place in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany, in the East, near the Czech Republic.


What happens there? First, the location is great. It is not by chance that this region has been historically a center for instrument makers. Music is in the air, and you can take great walks in the middle of Nature. The region does not have big cities but is quite accessible.


It happens always in the last week of July or thereabouts. The format of the course is simple. In the mornings I give lectures about specific subjects which change every year, and I mean they do change, for about an hour and a half. It always has to do with interpretation or analysis of works, of course. Next year, since it is Carlevaro’s 100th anniversary, it will be about some works of his, and he will have to share the stage with J.S.Bach. The lectures are in English with translation to German, but we can accommodate other (European) languages if necessary.


After this, the rest of the morning is passed working in groups with the assistant teachers, in different directions according to preferences.

In the afternoon we have regular masterclasses, with completely free repertoire, and active participation of everybody.


It is not necessarily a course thought only for top players, and really, everybody is welcome. But if you are thinking to go, don’t leave it for the last minute, because the facilities of the place are not for a big crowd, however much we would like to have it. The local staff is always very warm and helpful.


Hope to see you there some time!