As a composer, I started with Guido Santórsola, after studying with him harmony and counterpoint. Later I studied with Héctor Tosar (approx. 1980-1984). I also participated in composition seminars, in Montevideo and Buenos Aires, with Helmut Lachenmann, Dieter Schnebel and Nikolaus A.Huber. I was invited to visit Germany in 1992 by the Deutscher Musikrat, where I could meet important German composers, among others Helmut Lachenmann (again) and Dieter Schnebel (again).

Apart from some early works, my activity as a composer begins around 1980, when I got a prize in a competition in Uruguay for the "Two pieces for string quartet".
And as you can see, I have written not only for guitar. In fact, for some reason which escapes me, I always tried to keep apart composing and  performing, except for some premieres (at the Núcleo Música Nueva of Montevideo. which appears below as NMN) and two recordings.


And if you are curious about what do I do as a composer. some works you may actually download - see for yourself!

For guitar or guitars:

Sonatina (I. Andante – Allegro moderato – Tempo I; II. Presto
Composed in 1975. 

Toccata for 3 guitars 
Composed in 1979. First performance 1980 by the Trio Opus 12 (Sao Paulo). Comment

El Punto Quieto ("The Still Point")
Composed in 1981. First performance 1981 by the composer (NMN). Comment


Consecuencias (El Punto Móvil) 
Composed in 1983. Comment.  First performance 1984 by the composer (in the NMN) series). 
Duration ca. 8'.  Dedicated to M. A. Girollet.  Download here

Tres fáciles  (1. Pulso – 2. Sobre "Milongueos" de Broqua – 3. Doble) 
Composed in 1985. First performance IX/86 by the composer. 
Duration ca. 6'. Published: Ricordi Bs.As.(1989) BA 13463. Publication discontinued and rights returned to the composer now, so you can download it here.

Esto no es una pieza 
Composed in 1994. First performance VII/95 by the composer (NMN, casa Bertolt Brecht, Montevideo) 
Duration ca. 6'. In this one you need to talk as well as play. Comment

A Meditation on "Sakura" (for 4 guitars) 
Composed in 1995. First performance 1996 (NMN) by the Cuarteto Gandhara. Dedicated to  Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Published by Gendai Guitar (Japón) (November 2000). Duration ca. 9'. You can see it here.

Astor visits Heitor (for 2 guitars) 
Composed in 2000. Dedicated to Shin-Ichi Fukuda. (See Recordings). First performance: Havana, 2000.

Esto sí que es leer (on a Capricho by Goya). Composed in 2014. Dedicated to Jürgen Ruck. First performance  Jürgen Ruck, Portugal, 2015. Duration 3' (or thereabouts). The player needs a "helper". Download here

Cuban Farewell (for 4 guitars). Composed 2021- Download here

El Graf Zeppelin sobrevuela Montevideo y abduce las Llamadas for 4 guitars. Composed 2021 Download here

Works for other media:

Two pieces for string quartet score
Composed 1982, revised 2014. First performance by Cuarteto Anglo, 1982 (NMN). Duration 7'.

Psikhé for 4 soprano recorders.  
Composed 1982. Under revision. Duration 7'.

Formal for harpsichord.  
Composed 1982. First performance by Eduardo Gilardoni (1985, NMN). Under revision. Duration ca. 6'.

Perspectivas (for guitar and strings: 4 violins, 2 violas, 1 violoncello, 1 contrabasso). score,  iTunes
Composed in 1982-3, revised 2006. First performance 1986 by the composer and the Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal, Montevideo, cond. Pedro I. Calderón. Duration ca. 12'. Recorded in "Nuestros Compositores" (see Recordings)

Quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn.  
Composed 1983. Revised 2022, and you can get the score here, and also the parts: flute, oboe, clarinet (B flat), horn (F),  bassoon.

Luna (score) for 8-voice choir, on a text by Líber Falco.  
Composed in 1984.  Duration ca. 5'

Opuestos for solo flute.  Download score, instructions, program note
Composed in 1986. First performance 1986 by Graciela Svara (NMN). Duration ca. 8'

Quiero decir (flute, violín and guitar) 
Composed in 1991-2. First performance 1993 by Fernando Hasaj, Gladys Margounato and the  composer (NMN). Duration ca. 8'. Dedicated to Fernando Hasaj and Gladys Margounato. Score

Two songs on texts by Gabriela Mistral: “Puertas”, “Doña Venenos”.

Composed 2015, dedicated to Adélia Issa and Edelton Gloeden.